This Is How Supermarkets in the UAE Are Going Plastic-Free

When I dream of living in a world that is completely plastic free, I usually start to think that it’s an amazing idea, but then I begin to wonder about all the things that I’d have to find replacements for. Like my toothbrush, plastic bags, food storage containers. The list can go on and on. But keep in mind that using less plastic is always better than not caring to reduce your own plastic consumption. Becoming more environmentally friendly, and more aware of the consequences of your actions in using plastic or non-recyclable products is a positive lifestyle change that everyone should follow.

According to The National, the UAE is currently charging people for single use plastics. Items like carrier bags and plastic cutlery can soon be subjected to small fees in order to reduce plastic consumption in the Emirates.

Via: The National

The initiative has already been voluntarily applied in stores like Choithrams and Waitrose.

“We have an initiative … to put more incentives and constraints at the same time on plastic waste…It is an ongoing effort under the supervision of the ministry, we are working together with the big grocery markets to have the incentives, both negative and positive, for the use of plastic waste” said Shaikha Al Hosani, executive director of the environment quality sector at the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi to The National.

WE SAID THIS: This idea has seen a very positive impact in many other countries.