This Dubai Based Fashion Brand by Ollia Is Uniquely Responsible for The Faux Fur Trend!

You know you are hitting fashion right when celebrities like J.Lo and Queen B choose to rock your design. Well, this former school girl made a fashion statement, that has been literally seen on most of our favorite fashion icons and celebrities today. Our Arab beauty Icon Haifaa Wehbee, and the Forbes’ youngest billionaire Kylie Jenner are just two among the long list.

Via tzarinabyollia

“Tzarina by Ollia” is the result of the 29-year-old Ollia’s talent and a speck of luck. “I literally set the brand up by accident,” she told Femail. “I couldn’t find a fur coat of a certain color and really needed one, so I had it made. I took some photos for my Instagram and everybody went crazy for it.”

Via tzarinabyollia

Currently, the HQ is based in the Business Bay in Dubai, with 2 showrooms in Milan, and in Los Angeles. Ollia’s designs and especially the faux fur Jacket has been styled and worn by our raving celebrities. Ariana Grande choose the “Ariana Jacket”, BeBe Rexha went for the full firey red outfit with the “Princess Fox”, Beyonce opted for the Lime one, and Kylie picked the White “Queen” jacket, which is ironically true, just take a look.

Via tzarinabyollia

The Former Surrey boarding school girl is currently expanding her brand to include outerwear and getting ready for the next Fall and Winter season.

WE SAID THIS: It might be burning hot here, but its never too hot to rock a Tzarina Fur Jacket!