Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh While Attending the World Youth Forum in Egypt!

Via Itaka

Youth from all over the world are setting their eyes on Egypt for one of the biggest conferences in the world; the World Youth Forum! The sophomore edition of the annual event is already creating huge buzz on the international and local media front, around five thousand young citizens from all over the world are attending. The aim is to send a message of peace, prosperity, harmony, and progress to the entire world!

Located in the heart of Sinai, in Sharm El Sheikh, the remarkable location is one of the key factors of its success; being one of Egypt’s most unique destinations.

We’ve compiled a list of things you don’t want to miss doing while, or after, attending the World Youth Forum in Sharm El Sheikh.

Go on a day trip to Saint Catherine 

Mount Catherine is the highest summit in Egypt and hiking should is on the bucket list of tons of travelers! It won’t be easy, but certainly worth it to see the sunrise from up there.

Drive to Dahab & spend a night or two after the Forum 

Dahab is hands down one of the most beautiful places in the world, you don’t want to visit Sinai without at least spending a night there. The super chill vibes, the friendly people, the stunning natural scenery and the endless activities, all make Dahab a must visit!

Go on an adventurous Safari trip 

Sinai is known for its vast and unique deserts! Safari trips are one of the most adventurous ways to discover the wonders of these vast arid deserts, so don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If you didn’t go on a boat trip, did you really visit Sharm?  

Sharm El Sheikh has some of the best marine life spots in the whole world. Whether you’re into diving, snorkeling, or would rather just spend the day chilling on a glass boat, you really should spend a day witnessing the miracles of the red sea.

Take advantage of the lit nightlife scene 

The nightlife scene in Sharm El Sheikh is guaranteed to give you some unforgettable moments. During the forum since Sharm is packed with travelers, all of the different night spots have organized amazing parties with remarkable line-ups to cater for all the party animals out there!

Visit the iconic Soho Square 

Soho Square is a must-visit when you visit Sharm El Sheikh. The square is full of life, restaurants, shopping stores, cafes, live performances, and things to do.

WE SAID THIS: If you haven’t attended the forum yet, you definitely should apply next year!