10 Things Only Egyptian Customer Service Employees Will Understand

Working as a customer service employee in Egypt is a hell of an experience and a hilarious one at the same time. Customer satisfaction is an impossible concept while doing work for Egyptian customers. Whatever you do and no matter how fast you’re working, it’s never enough.

Customer service employees face various challenges every day. I can say that customers really get on employees’ nerves. They see employees as genies that should make all their dreams come true!

Here are the most repeated sentences that employees hear from customers:


1. El Arqam Mabtemshish


Customers always think you’re slow or you’re pretending to be slow. They don’t really believe that work takes time. They can’t accept the fact that sometimes the preceding customer has too much work to be done.



2. Moratabak Men Floosy


If you have a customer service work experience, then you definitely heard this sentence quite a few times. It’s a very provoking sentence and you can’t say a word! They think they own the place you work in just because they pay for a service they receive.



3. El System By7seb 3’alat


A customer is always right?! Not really. They’re not right, they just think they are always right even if they see printed receipts, statements, or bills. And they swear they had done their right calculations. Good luck trying to convince them!



4. Ento 7arameya


It may be a service with only 10 L.E and customers still think it should be much cheaper. And the same customer can pay 50 L.E for an ice cream on the same day. Any questions?!



5. Howa Ento Btt3abo? Danto 23deen Fel Takyeef


I can’t really understand what they mean! Just because it took them an hour to arrive in hot weather while you’re staying in air conditioned rooms, they think you’re not tired.



6. Fen Modir El Makan Da!!!!


Customers use this sentence to threaten you whenever you try to convince them of something. They never give you the chance to explain or give themselves the chance to understand!



7. El Sharekat/El Bonok El Tanya A7sn Menko


Whenever you hear this from a customer, you stop yourself from asking “So why are you here?” It’s really hard to understand customers, so don’t bother.



8. Ento Metdala3in, Da 3la Ayamna Mkansh Fi Computer


When dealing with retired customers, you feel like you’re doing nothing. They do believe that as long as you’re using a computer, work is as easy as pie!


– Customers have endless comments and judgments. So if you work with customers, you’d better try to look at the funny side. Good luck!


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