5 Things You Automatically Hide Away From Your Friends If You’re Arab

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They say sharing is caring, but even though generosity supposedly runs in Arab people’s blood — it certainly doesn’t when it comes to specific things. Here’s a list of things we automatically hide away or pretend we don’t own when we’re having company. Although these things might seem absolutely ridiculous, we can’t deny that we all care.



Chewing Gum


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If it’s a brand new pack, your friends will pass it on to each other and you’d be lucky if they leave one for you. If not, then you’d probably be hiding the last couple of gums away, and even lying about not having any left.



Hair Bands


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#GirlProblems101! Not all girls wear an extra hair band on their wrists for emergencies. Some of them go out looking effortlessly chic with no back up, and then complain about humidity and the resulting hair disaster. Who do you think they turn to? You, with the hair band on your wrist! Problem is, they never give it back.





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Another thing that your friends never give back, and if they do, they usually return it with a chewed cap. Other than the fact that this is gross, who doesn’t bring a pen to school anyways?





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There’s always that one friend in every group that secretly steals everyone’s lighters. Ironically, (S)HE DOESN’T EVEN SMOKE!





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For smokers, this one definitely hurts the most. With prices increasing and heavy smokers feel like paying through the nose for their packs of cigarettes, the last thing they need is someone sharing it with them.



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