These Refreshing Drinks Will Satisfy Your Summer Thirst

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These sweet drinks will bring out your inner mixologist skills. The summer heat has no mercy but these bold and refreshing sippers are here to save you from it. Style and flavour included, these mood shifting mixes will give you the ultimate backyard bliss.

The recipes listed below are amazing for sharing, just prepare it in a big pitcher and serve chilled.

Strawberry peach lemonade

Back to the old school, who doesn’t love a tall glass of lemonade? The cooling drink and childhood staple can get repetitive so we added summer fruits to make a peach lemon infusion. It’s lemonade and ice tea in one, and you can give them some booze if you want! To get the reduced sugar recipe, click here

Rosemary pineapple ginger soda

Unlike your traditional cream dense pina colada, this recipe is lighter and it detoxes your body. Pineapples are in full bloom in the summer to be juiced. Combine fresh pineapple juice with ginger and rosemary. It’s easy and effortlessly delicious.

Peach ginger ice tea

This one is another summer twist, add a zest of ginger to totally change the flavor profile of this basic drink. Place this Asian twist as it will not only bring you a lot of health benefits, but it’ll also give you a kick that will get your taste buds dancing.  Ditch the store-bought kind and make the recipe from scratch here!

Vanilla iced coffee

Coffee addicts will love this one too! You don’t need to be a barista to whip up a delish iced coffee all summer. With endless possibilities in your own kitchen, who needs Starbucks? Make anything from a coffee mojito to a double chocolate tiramisu iced coffee or keep it conservative with this multipurpose recipe here. 

Vimto mojito

If you have some mixed berry Vimto syrup, this drink is calling your name. The cotton candy adds a Pinterest-worthy aesthetic, but you won’t believe how easy this mix is. The elegant drink only requires 7 Up, syrup, and mint! Leave the Vimto in the bottom and add soda, then top with mint, limes, and finally, cotton candy. 

Cranberry orange

Cranberry lovers, where are you? This sweet mess includes freshly squeezed orange juice and a hint of sour cranberries. The underrated mix is a great party refreshment and perfect for mid-summer brunches. 

Blackberry lemon fizz

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This flavorful combination of blackberry and lemon is a sweet-and-sour match made in heaven. Tasting just like candy, the antioxidant drink is why the word “refreshing” was created. Don’t miss out and follow the recipe here.

Strawberry mint margarita

Strawberry season is in all summer long, and a chunky margarita is the best way to use them. This drink will remind you of the sweeter moments in life.