8 Delicious Ways to Stay Hydrated For Non-Water Lovers

It’s hot, it’s sweaty. Some of us are not so keen on the plainness of a glass of water. Even though water is the source of all life, there’s more ways than you think to getting your daily intake. Many people skip water despite it’s benefits, so don’t worry, you’re not the only one . With summer in full bloom, water isn’t optional if you’re trying to survive. Dislike the taste of water? Here’s fun ways to stay hydrated without it. 

Eat watermelons

This official summer snack is packed with sweetness, nutrition, and water. The fruit is best served chilled by the beach or pool and can be incorporated endlessly. Feta cheese salad, margaritas, or sorbets, the juicy fruit is good for all.

Drink a smoothie

If plain water is too boring, rich healthy smoothies are for you. Twist up your smoothies with greens and hydrating fruits. Strawberries, oranges, and melons are all amazing for their water content. 

Leafy greens

Eat your water! Leafy greens are loaded with water and nutrition. Not only will you be hydrated but you’ll be glowing too! A big bowl of strawberry spinach salad is equal to a few cups of water. Add nuts, seeds, and avocados for added goodness. You can find the recipe here

Frozen fruit popsicles

Your childhood love can be your adulthood guilty pleasure. Who said popsicles can’t be healthy? It’s frozen fruit in your choice of coconut or sparkling water molded to freezing perfection.

Sip unsweetened teas

Sugary juices are a no-no, so meet your new best friend: naturally sweetened ice tea. It’s perfect for summer picnics and will definitely satisfy your hydration needs.  

Snack on cucumbers

Via Vegan

Being over 95 percent water, you can’t skip cucumber sticks and a hummus or Tzatziki dip. Pack and use as a quick hydrating snack wherever your summer adventure takes you. 

Wake up to oatmeal

Start the day strong with an oatmeal breakfast. Endless options can make the sticky breakfast bowl easy to devour all summer long. Although most carbs aren’t a good idea, oats are 90 percent water. The untraditional carb will kickstart your day hydrated and focused. 

Coconut water

Lastly, if you’re an energy drink lover, try nature’s most deliciously flavoured water. This option is a must for the beach and is much better than gatorade.

WE SAID THIS: Don’t forget that water is the driving force of all life!

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