These 9 Tattoos From the Egyptian Mythology are your Daily Dose of Art

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Decorating one’s body with tattoos is one of the most rebellious forms of art. The most daring thing about getting ink is the commitment; because whether you’re doing it to make a statement, to show support for a cause, or just because you think it looks beautiful, it’s staying there forever.

People get inked for tons of reasons, and they take a huge amount of time to choose what will be on their body for the rest of their lives. One of the most common yet most artsy categories that we see is tattoos related to the glorious Egyptian mythology.

From Anubis, Ramsis, to Cleopatra, the international inked community saw beauty and art in the Egyptian mythology. Here is a compilation of 9 of the most beautiful tattoos that are related to the Egyptian Legends, Kings, and Gods.

Epic Chest Piece of Anubis and Horus 

Another Badass Anubis by TrueSkinArt 

Morita’s Beautiful Nefertiti 

Tutankhamon Sleeve 

Cute yet Savage Sphynx Cat 

Not so cute Sphynx Cat 

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Realistic Anubis 

Simple Isis Backpiece

The Most Epic Horus 

WE SAID THIS: As you can see it’s not just Egyptian who are interested in our mythology, but people from all over the world.