The Unsung Heroes Of Healthcare: Stories Of Nurses Who Went Above & Beyond For Their Patients

Within the four walls of a hospital are the kind of people who many would describe as everyday heroes. We know them as our nurses, the kind of caretakers that are always there for their patients, providing endless support and intimate care. So, in honor of international nurses day, what better way to celebrate than by sharing inspirational and moving nurse stories across the region.

The Makeshift Wedding

My grandpa was hospitalized for months on end and so my fiancé and I kept postponing the wedding. This kept going on for months until it reached the point where we had to pick a date. Then the big day came, I was devastated because Grandpa wasn’t there and everyone could see it. Thing is, it wasn’t all bad because by the end of the day, once the wedding was over and we were leaving the ballroom, we were met with a huge surprise. Sitting in a wheelchair in a suit and tie, hair brushed to the side was Grandpa and behind him was his nurse. Turns out, she set the whole thing up.

– Rania

A Source Of Comfort

A few years ago, my grandmother was hospitalized and she was the kind of patient who was extremely stubborn. She hated the hospital, hated the nurses and kept insisting that she doesn’t need hospital care. The thing is though, there was one nurse in particular that she was comfortable with. There was one night when my grandmother was extremely sick but the problem was that her favorite nurse had to leave because it was the end of his shift. To our surprise, the nurse didn’t leave and ended up staying on even after his shift was over.

– Ahmed

The Special Surprise

After being hospitalized for several weeks, my nurse and I began this daily regimen where she’d take me out for a walk outside the hospital. One day, we headed outside as usual and walked around the facility several times. As I was taking in the view of the trees and flowers, when I looked up I immediately spotted a bunch of puppies heading our way. I was over the moon because I love dogs. At that moment, I looked at my nurse and I felt a special kind of gratitude.

– Maya

Visiting Hours

There was a time when my mum was in the ICU and because family visits were restricted, I could only see her for an hour. Every time she’d have to leave, I’d head out to the waiting room and sit for an extra hour just to be in the same area as her for a little while longer. Then one day, I came to visit my mum, sat with her during visiting hours but when I came to leave, the nurses told me I can stay an extra hour because the head nurse pulled a few strings for me. I was ecstatic and immediately went to him and gave him the biggest hug.

– Youssef

The Plays

Years ago, when I was a teenager, I was hospitalized for two months. It was one of the worst periods of my life because I couldn’t go to school or see my friends. I felt trapped and just wanted to leave but the doctor said I had to stay. I was lucky though because I had a very special kind of nurse. Every night, she’d come to my room with a huge bowl of popcorn and her laptop and plop down beside me on the bed. We’d watch some of my favorite Egyptian plays like “Al Motazawegoon” (The Married Couple) and laugh our hearts out. The best part is, she’s still a big part of my life and we still talk on the phone to this day.

– Mariam

A lot of these stories showcase the power of human connection and the important role nurses play in our lives. Their efforts go beyond helping people heal as each one also manages to also leave a special mark on each of their patients.

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