The Ultimate Tanning Hacks for a Healthy Summer Glow

The seasons of sun, sand and sea is in full bloom. Which means, it’s time to get a vitamin D overdose and your prefect bronze shade. While we hear many horror stories of skin cancer myths, tanning is surprisingly beneficial to you. The sunshine’s vitamin D-producing properties are very good for your health. The sun and sea heal everything, including your beauty! So lay out and soak it all in with these hacks.

Don’t forget sunscreen 

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We’re talking 50 SPF minimum! Don’t fall for shiny tanning oils and neglect the importance of good old sunscreen. To stay safe and healthy, reapplying a layer of sunscreen hourly is a must. Protecting yourself from harmful ultraviolet rays is essential for preventing wrinkles, sun burns, and skin cancer. Don’t skip this!

Right timing

Most tanaholics have a get-dark-fast mentality, and to do so you need to know the best times. The sun hits it’s highest from 12pm to 4pm, which gets you the best exposure for a golden tan.


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Sun exposure can drastically crack your skin. Not only is it crucial to drink gallons of water but you should also use moisturizer on your body with a creamy lotion.

Exfoliate away

The secret to the perfect tan is starting on a clean canvas, and exfoliating is your best friend. To allow smooth united colour,  removed the layer of dead skin with a gentle scrub. The goal is get the sun to hit your fresh baby smooth skin.  

Seek some shade

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While preparing for a tanning session is key, don’t forget about getting some shade too. Sunglasses, hats, and an umbrella will protect your hair and body from overheating. It’s best to stay in the sun 20 minutes at a time and then chill in the shade to cool off. Your body will thank you! 

Fake it

Don’t have time? Fake it till you make it! Luckily, tanning now comes in a bottle. Shake and spray a long-lasting rich colour. Or add youth to your skin by a glitzing shimmering body oil that will reflect your hard earned tan. 

WE SAID THIS: Skip the sun beds, and head outside!