5 Ways to Make Eid Celebrations More Fun At Home

By Ayten Talaat

Whenever we hear the word “Eid” we usually get nostalgic about how we used to celebrate it when we were kids, and it saddens us the fact that the more we grow old, the more we gradually lose interest in celebration. However, since Eid celebrations are basically about family gatherings, let’s make it more fun and memorable. So, here is a list of fun things you can do to make your Eid more fun at home! 

Decorate your home 

The only way to make your family feel the Eid spirit is to fill your house with decorations. Start with some DIY projects, you can find a lot on Pinterest, or download some Eid printables from the internet. Once you’re done, call your family members and invite them to decorate with you, or you can even surprise them on the first day of Eid.

Surprise kids with Eideya

No matter the age, everyone likes to receive money and it’s always a nice surprise if you weren’t expecting it.

Plan exciting games for adults 

In every family gathering, there is always that one person who never puts down his mobile phone. To avoid this, plan exciting games that you can all participate in. You can ask each other questions for example, or let your grandparents tell you their most amusing stories. You can also play cards, Phase 10, Monopoly Deals or charades.  

Exchange secret gifts with each other 

It’s the same concept as secret Santa, you write the names of all participants, place it in a jar. After that, pick a paper, see the name and buy them a small gift or even write a thoughtful letter. It’s so simple but will undoubtedly spread joy all over your home. Also, don’t forget to involve the kids!

Include fun activities for kids and adults together

How about buying coloring sheets and letting everyone participate in this artsy activity? It’s very amusing and it helps reduce stress and improve your focus and quality of sleep as well. 

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