The UAE Breaks a Guinness World Record With This Flawless Dancing Car Routine

Via Timeout Dubai

As usual and as we probably made sure to stress a gazillion times before, Dubai just never fails to impress! Other than the fact that the emirate stands out more than any other city in the Middle East, Dubai seems to have a thing for breaking world records.

Once again, a record is broken and jaws drop!

The UAE just broke a new Guinness World Record by throwing the ‘Largest Synchronised Car Dance’ with the help of Nissan Middle East. 180 Nissan Patrols spread their wings across The Sevens Stadium Dubai forming a flying desert falcon that could be seen from a bird’s eye view. The fleet spread along a total distance of 1,476m and was led by award-winning Zimbabwean racing driver, Axcil Jefferies. It’s also worth mentioning that the Emirati record beat the previous holders by adding 36 more cars to the fleet!

So besides having the world’s tallest building, the renowned Burj Khalifa, and tons of other records, Dubai now has one more thing to casually brag about. However, it’s not just Dubai, in fact, this is the sixth record for Nissan Middle East to break! Here’s a glimpse of what Nissan has previously brought to the region:

WE SAID THIS: And, of course, it goes without saying, one more round of applause for Dubai, please?