The Story of Our Food: Why Hummus Is More Than Just a Dip

When we talk about hummus, it’s only right that we explain to everyone who has never tried it (apart from the fact that they’re really missing out), what hummus is. Hummus literally means chickpeas, and it’s made by mixing and mashing cooked chickpeas and blending them with tahini, salt, olive oil, garlic, and lemon. Hummus is so loved that there’s a special day to celebrate it, “International Hummus Day” on May 13th.

Until today, there hasn’t been specific evidence that confirms the exact origin of hummus, but many sources narrate that the very first hummus recipe was found in Egypt in the 13th century. And although we aren’t sure where it came from exactly, we know it’s somewhere in the Middle East. For years, it was a very popular across the Arab region, and later spread all over the world.

Not only is it healthy since it’s packed with protein, fiber, and folic acid, it’s a yummy dish that can work as an appetizer, a side dish, or sometimes even a snack. There are a number of variations for eating hummus. Although it tastes perfect on its own, adding pine nuts or meat or olives or chicken, gives it a delicious taste.

If you thought you wouldn’t be craving hummus by the end of the article, you were definitely mistaken. Here’s a quick and easy recipe for you to follow.

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