The Pyramids of Giza Are Getting a New Cafe, Lounge, and Visitor’s Center by 2021

Since we’re halfway done with the worst year ever, we definitely need some promising and uplifting news. 2020 hasn’t been easy on us, but with this piece of news, you’re going to have a new perspective and something to actually look forward to next year. Egypt, the jewel of the Middle East, is in the middle of a massive makeover of the Pyramids of Giza! The area is going to be more accessible and visitor-friendly, with a whole bunch of new services that will make tours more enjoyable.

The number one tourist attraction in Egypt is going to open a new visitor’s center that’s going to feature a cafe, restaurant, and lounge, and it’s going to be ready to welcome everyone in mid-2021. The new facility is part of the ongoing plan to modernize the 4,500-year-old site and it’s going to be a major upgrade.

Along with the visitor’s center, there will be other planned amenities; a cinema, public toilets, site-wide signage, food trucks, photo booths, free Wi-Fi, tickets that can be purchased through an app, and a hop-on-hop-off electric bus route that will roam the site and drop tourists off at the designated stops.

Animal handlers on the other hand who usually offer rides on horses and camels, often use aggressive methods when dealing with the poor animals, but it has been stated that they will be trained to “better deal with visitors.” Ashraf Halim, CEO of Orascom Pyramids Entertainment, the investment group that’s leading the redevelopment, said in a statement “The Pyramids represent a powerful symbol for the future of Egypt, connecting our rich legacy to our exciting future.”

WE SAID THIS: We can’t wait for 2021!