Pantsuits, Facemasks and a Touch of Sparkle; Our Favorite GFF 2020 Red Carpet Trends

By Nour El-Miligi

Now that the festival is in full swing, we can happily bring you the hottest of the GFF 2020 red carpet trends, from glam and glitter to fabulously funky facemasks. We’ve noticed quite a few celeb trends that caught our attention, and they’re just begging to be shared. So without further ado, here are our favorite looks from the red carpet in Gouna this year.

The Corona Effect

It’s no surprise that a COVID-19 version of the festival would be different, at least in terms of preserving safety measures aiming to curb the spread of the virus. Yet, celebrities made good use of this too, transforming medical face masks into a fashion item that complements their outfits even more!

Suit Up!

While we usually compare men’s suits and pick our favorites, this year the female troops stepped into the competition and we have nothing but praise for them! Who said suits are only for men anyway?

Monochromatic Love

One of the noticeable trends at this year’s festival is that several celebs chose their outfits in black and white.. and it was an adorable coincidence!

Buns, Buns and More Buns

Tied back hair gives a sense of elegance and class, don’t you think? That’s why it comes as no surprise that many of our favorite stars chose to stun us all on the red carpet with their perfectly tied bun.

And of Course, a Touch of Sparkle

It wasn’t just the stars in the sky that shone brightly during the festival, the red carpet saw its fair share of glitter and glam too!

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