The Phantom of the Opera is Finally Coming to Dubai!

They call it the world’s most popular musical, and indeed, The Phantom of the Opera has by far one of the most captivating musical performances of all time. In about two weeks, the longest-running show in Broadway history will make its debut in the Middle East.

On the 16th of October, Dubai is to host The Phantom of the Opera for the first time in the region’s history. The play will take the stage at the Dubai Opera and run for three weeks until the 6th of November.

“We’re enormously proud to be able to announce this,” commented Dubai Opera CEO Jasper Hope at the announcement.

Coming to the Arabian Peninsula straight from London, the world-renowned musical, created by Andrew Lloyd Webber, promises Dubai a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle. With 130 members of the cast, crew, and orchestra as well as more than 230 costumes designed by the late Maria Björnson, The Phantom of the Opera is set to take the Emirates by storm.

The musical tells of the unfortunate, unrequited love story between a disfigured musical genius, known as “The Phantom”, who haunts the underground labyrinth of the Paris Opera House and the beautiful young soprano Christine, who happens to be already in love with another character, Raoul. The Phantom, played by the talented Jonathan Roxmouth, first lured Christine as his protege, then becomes obsessed with her. The story then takes a turn with a number of dramatic events driven by jealousy as well as passion.

Since the show’s debut in 1986, it has been seen by 130 million individuals around the world and won over 70 prestigious awards. Up until 2014, it was the world’s most financially successful entertainment event, so prepare yourselves, residents of the UAE, you are up for a treat!

The musical extravaganza was first scheduled for two weeks, but owing to its extreme popularity, organizers decided to add an extra week. So make sure to get your ticket now before it’s too late! Follow this link here to buy your ticket.

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