The Most Outrageous & Hilarious Arab Mum Quirks That We Know & Love

Arab mamas are a true treasure, not just for the way they expertly manage an entire household all on their own but also because of their hilarious quirks. They all somehow share a set of idosyntractic beliefs, habits and behaviors that every Arab kid has had a shared experience with. For a good laugh, we’ve put together the funniest of those Arab mum stereotypes that we’ve all grown to love.

When You Tell Them You’re Depressed…

A word of advice, don’t at any cost ever tell your Arab mum that you’re depressed because the concept will not register with her. She will not believe you, immediately dismiss you and will make it even more hilarious by saying, “you are just on your phone too much” or “its just because you are single, you know tant Mariam’s son is looking for a wife….”

They Never Put Anything To Waste

Mum’s believe that nothing should be put to waste, so if for example you are in the kitchen while she’s cooking and after washing your hands attempt to dry them with a kitchen roll, you will find your mama giving you a deadly stare and saying, “why on Earth would you waste a kitchen roll when there are all these towels all over the kitchen, do you know how much they cost?”.

Their “Do Not Enter Zone” After Cleaning The House


Honestly if they can clean the house & lock us outside they would😂🤦‍♀️ #arabs

♬ original sound – Maya Hussein

When your mum decides to do some deep cleaning in the house, it is best to keep your distance and stay in your room. She will not let you anywhere near her freshly mopped spotless floor and even if you attempt to do so, it will be like walking through a no man’s land as you avoid “minefields” at every turn, so please tread with caution.

They Will Make It Their Life Mission For You To Eat


How Arab mama’s show love ❤️ #tiktokarab

♬ original sound – Diana Z

Mums have this belief that if you don’t eat every five seconds, you’ll vanish from existence. You might have just had lunch and went up to your room to chill only to find your mum coming in with a salad saying “here, it’s good for you, eat it all”. A bit later, she’ll knock and come in again with some leftover kofta and will follow that with some basboosa.

When They Call Your Name But Can’t Hear Your Reply

This is a situation that happens on a daily basis in every Arab household. You’ll be in your room, chilling and will then hear your mum calling your name from another room. So you’ll reply and say “yes mum?” but she won’t respond back because she can’t hear you. So you’ll reply again “yes, mum?” and yet again be met with radio silence. Every time this situation occurs, it ends with the same result of you caving in and going downstairs to see what she wants.

Obsession With Cleaning Your Room


Reality is the guests sometimes do enter our rooms😂 They aint wrong! #arabs @mahamekdad

♬ Can Can – Rias Orchestra & Helmuth Brandenburg

Mum’s have this obsession with our rooms and how we always have to keep them clean and spotless. Every now and then, you will find her peering her head through the doorway to sneak a peak. If she ends up finding something as small as a meagre lonely sock laying on the floor, you will not hear the end of it.

Their Hilarious Cures For When You Get Sick

You know when you get a stomach flu and spend most of the day in the bathroom. The moment you step out, your mum will be waiting outside and she’ll say “habibity, are you sick? don’t worry I have the cure for you, it’s literal magic, the best medicine” and in her hand would be a huge bottle of soda.

We have to give it to all the Arab mamas out there, they never stop at making us laugh with their special set of quirks and smothering us with love. Let us know in the comments if there are any other hilarious Arab mum stereotypes that you know and love.

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