The Most Fashionable Countries in the World

We all differ from each other on the basis of so many factors, i.e. ethnicity, races, backgrounds, religious beliefs. Therefore, we all react differently to life and other things, including fashion. An interesting thing about fashion creators is that they are mostly inspired by their local cultures and norms. This is why we are able to identify the roots of a new fashion trend quite easily. Fashion designers generally like to take inspiration from the local culture and dressing styles while designing dresses.

Since every country has its own style and fashion sense, let’s take a look at the 10 most fashionable countries in the world, which lead the global fashion industry.

France | The fountainhead of fashion

Paris, the capital of France, is also regarded as the global capital of fashion. This is the city where haute couture came to the fore. Since then, it has bedazzled many fashionistas across the world with the emergence of unique fashion designs and trends. The Paris Fashion Week is widely followed by global fashion designers.

Italy | Where fashion spurns the magic

Milan is arguably the fashion capital of Italy. The city is a host to thousands of fashion designers who have given birth to fashion brands like Versace and Prada. With the passage of time, the list of brands included bigger names like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci. The city of Florence is globally-renowned for producing trendy leather products. Italian capital city of Rome is also second to none when it comes to fashion.

Spain | La fashionista realista

Spain is a home to some of the most trendy fashion outlets. The city of Barcelona has recently made a huge leap towards the top fashion cities in the world. The neighboring city of La Rambla is also a great place to shop the latest trendy clothes and products.

United States of America or United States of Fashion?

You can easily call it United States of Fashion as the cities of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago have given the world of fashion the reasons to be proud of. Some of the best designers in the history of fashion industry were Americans. Whether it is Hollywood’s Red Carpet or New York’s Bryant Park, the US is expanding its wings across the global stage of fashion. In recent years, Miami, Houston, and Seattle have also emerged on the fashion map of America.

Japan | The new home of street-style fashion

Japan has always been a place for inspiration and is considered fountainhead of new ideas, even if it is the world of fashion. The capital city of Tokyo and its neighboring Harajuku have recently become the source of inspiration for the street-style fashion evolution. You can easily find all the leading fashion brands in Tokyo. You would always find a number of Japanese fashion designers in the biggest fashion alleys around the globe.

Hong Kong | The home to casual fashion

You must have heard about the Hong Kong Fashion Week. The young fashion designers are making their presence felt at a global scale, especially when it comes to casual dresses and sportswear. Brace yourself up for some of the most trendy fashion ideas from Hong Kong in the years to come.

United Arab Emirates | New fashion horizons

The United Arab Emirates has recently emerged on the world map of fashion due to its jaw-dropping shopping malls. The city of Dubai is a home to people of literally all nationalities, which brings the global fashion sense to the country. A rollicking shopping experience amid an incredible nightlife, and an amazing taste for fashion, the United Arab Emirates is set to conquer the fashion world in the times to come.

Great Britain | Where traditions never die

How can we forget the fashion-centric London? The Great Britain has the privilege to have a fashion central city like London, which is a witness to thousands of fashion trends over the years. You can never underestimate the fashion sense of English designers. Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Mary Quant, and Katharine Hamnett have made their mark in international fashion shows for the past many years.

Brazil | Your gateway to South American fashion

Brazilian fashion designers have recently made a huge splash in the global fashion industry. Their trendy maxi skirts and Boho chic have already made huge waves in the North American fashion market. The country’s capital, Sao Paulo, is also their fashion capital. It has all the basis covered when it comes to introduce the South American fashion to the world.

The final word

The sun on the fashion planet never sets. You always have something big happening in the fashion capitals across the world. Whether it is Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, or Paris Fashion Week, the world is always gripped with the latest fashion trends created by the most creative fashion designers. The above-mentioned countries are the most fashionable states in the world. You can always get introduced to something new in fashion when you happen to visit any of these states.

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