The Largest Mosque in Sharjah Finally Opens its Doors

The Sharjah mosque was inaugurated last Friday by Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, H.H Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi.

The mosque accommodates around 25,500 worshippers and will also welcome both Muslim and non-Muslim visitors.

It’s located in the Tay area; near the intersection of Maliha Road and the Emirates Road, stretching over a total area of two million square feet. The mosque’s inside prayer area itself has an inside capacity of more than 5,000 worshippers, including 610 women. The side lobbies and front hall can accommodate more than 6,000 worshipers, and the mosque’s outer yard can take up to 13,500 worshippers.

As for non-Muslims, the mosque contains a museum, open yards, waterfalls, gift shops, a cafeteria, and most importantly, a large library rich in Islamic and relevant original cultural references in order to educate its visitors.

Sheikh Sultan initiated the order to build the mosque back in 2014, and H.H oversaw the stages of progress of constructing it till the grand opening that took place last weekend.

According to state news agency Wam, the Sharjah Mosque “was built and designed according to Sheikh Sultan’s vision of faith and aesthetics based on the style of Islamic architecture, reflecting the original Islamic values.”

WE SAID THIS: Mosques have always been a place for peace and acceptance regardless of one’s religion.