The Journey of Halawet El Donya Star, From Breast Cancer Survivor to Jewelry Designer

By Lojain El Shawaf

Yasmine Ghaith is an Egyptian actress who had her first appearance in the Ramadan series ”Halawet El Donia” alongside the outstanding Hend Sabry. Yasmine is a proud breast cancer fighter and survivor, she left us all shocked when we found out that the character she was playing in ”Halawet El Donia” was inspired by a true story and the story belongs to herself.

Ghaith always loved art and drawing, ”two years ago, I felt like I was inspired by jewelry, and I realized that the pieces I created resembled each other,” Yasmine said. That’s when Ghaith took her first steps towards creating her own jewelry line called ”YG Pieces.” She creates beautiful gold handcrafted pieces that our sweethearts ”Saba Mubarak” and ”Sarah Abdelrahmann” wore during the latest GFF Red Carpet. These pieces are inspired by her scars to show that the scars represent a journey and an inspiring story to be told.

Yasmine spreads positivity and encourages people who are battling cancer to ”fight with a smile” as she always states.

WE SAID THIS: Yasmine is a force to be reckoned with.