What Ramez Gallal Said on ‘Ramez Beyel3ab Bel Nar’ Will Make You Sick to Your Stomach

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Every Ramadan we’re hit with a wave of over the top drama, redundant mosalsalat, and the ever so tasteless Ramez Gallal prank show. From making Haifa Wahbe violently curse to making Paris Hilton cry on TV, Ramez Gallal and his team of entertainment demons have stopped at nothing to earn the ratings and draw in viewers all over the world. This year “Ramez Yel3ab Bennar” takes it to a whole new level of insensitivity by playing with fire, literally, and the Arab internet is not having it.




A viral post callwd out Gallal using the hashtag ‫#‏اسمعني_شكرا‬. The post reads:

“In addition to Ramez Gallal being silly every Ramadan, the new teaser for Ramez Gallal’s show on MBC contains a very shocking phrase that he says with so much pride and joy. ‘It’s very enjoyable to see someone burning in front of your eyes,’ following a picture of someone actually burning! A stupid thing to say that’s so full of violence and revenge that my son asked me, ‘how is that a good thing mommy?’ I told him, ‘No my dear, this is a sick person and the Prophet always used to discourage drowning and burning. And if this happened in front of our eyes, we should help that person not stand still and enjoy it or take pictures of it.’ This media is just a failure and will bring up deformed generations with no manners, principles or help for others, even in the simplest situations.”




Egyptian radio and TV host Sherif Nouredin also took to social media and posted on Instagram, 

“For all the burn victims in Egypt


taking things lightly has a limit… enough.”


Does the outcry against the repulsive reality prank show and its heartless host mean that’ll we be seeing a boycott of the show or will people still tune in to see fake outrageous celebrity reactions?


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