El Gouna’s Food Revolution: New Eateries To Add To Your List

With an already bustling and eclectic food scene, El Gouna knew how to set itself apart as the ultimate international gastronomic hub. From ChiCha’s Latin Kitchen to the Italian favorite Zia Amelia, there is something for everyone.

Continuing to get better, its food scene has some new contenders shaping up the competition. Let’s get to meet each one:


Bringing flavors all the way from the West is El Gouna’s first-ever Peruvian restaurant, Andina. At the beginning of this year, the restaurant opened at Fanadir Marina, the new bustling in-land marina taking over El Gouna.

With Andina, you’ll get to take your tastebuds on a voyage of indulgent, delicious Latin coastal and in-land cuisine. From their mixed seafood ceviche to their Lomo Saltado made with savory stir-fried beef and vibrant veggies, you’ll get a taste of authentic Peruvian cuisine.

Pier 88’s Don Bisho

When you think of Pier 88, your mind will immediately go to its founder, Giovanni Bolandrini, a restaurateur who took Egypt’s fine dining world by storm.

Whether it is his resplendent Pier 88 overlooking the glistening Nile at Zamalek, the one at El Gouna’s Marina, or his luxurious Khufu restaurant literally meters away from the Great Pyramids of Giza, fine dining is his forte.

Making a return to El-Gouna, many thought he’d open yet another fine dining spot, but he proved us wrong by instead going for something more homey and rustic. Meet his latest venture, Don Bisho, a pizzeria all about making delicious and authentic pizza in a small eatery inspired by Sicily.

Come and enjoy their prosciutto-filled Capricciosa or their pesto & burrata specialty Genovese. For the sweet tooth, tiramisu is a must-try, and it is worth the calories.

Grecian Eatery ‘Kyriaco’

Along with Peru and Italy, El Gouna decided to also introduce flavors from the great Greek islands to the masses. That is where the Grecian eatery “Kyriaco” comes in. This special eatery offers a menu that is meticulously crafted to transport you to the sun-kissed shores of Greece.

Sitting at Abu Tig Marina is probably one of El Gouna’s first restaurants, which introduces Greek cuisine. Opening its doors back in April, diners got to indulge in Greek classics, including gyros, succulent souvlaki, and the signature tzatziki sauce.

Nicole’s Greenhouse

Brought to life last summer by one of El Gouna’s many locals, Nicole Lambrecht, at only 23 years of age, founded the new vegetarian eatery known as Nicole’s Greenhouse.

You can’t get more homegrown than Lambrecht, a Gouna local who was raised in the resort town, left and came back to open up the restaurant. She knows the town like the back of her hand.

That homegrown essence shines through in her restaurant, which is a homey, earthy, and healthy eatery that serves up delicious vegetarian food that is eco-friendly. Diners get to enjoy delicious plant-based meals, including grilled falafel, sumac-roasted cauliflower, and tofu teriyaki with coconut rice. 


Another new hotspot that opened up in the new Fanadir Marina is Megumi. The Almaza-based restaurant bar grew in popularity, so it was time to open a Red Sea branch. At El Gouna, the new Megumi boasts a dim-lit amber-like ambiance, perfect for nights out with friends.

Dining in, you can enjoy a Japanese fusion specialty of salmon yuzu kosho mayo tacos or salmon steak teriyaki glaze. The resto-bar specializes in unique seafood concoctions, bringing a taste of El Gouna sea life to every diner’s table.


Who doesn’t love a night out that includes indulging in re-invented Middle Eastern cuisine accompanied by good music and enticing cocktails? El Gouna’s Luma, brought to life by Sherif El Sawalhy, is the quintessential bustling live bar housed within an earthy, boho-like space.

Inside the bar, diners get to indulge in an assortment of Middle Eastern dishes made with a twist, whether it is their beef hummus or their Sayadeya fish risotto made with oven-baked spiced hamour.


Unlike the other Gouna eateries, this one has been open for a while in the resort town. It did close for a while, went under renovation, and re-opened once again. What is special about Pacha Mama is its owner, Omar, who is always there and sometimes even serves the guests himself.

The food served in this special eatery includes hearty meals with plant-based options served in its outdoor bustling seating area. You can enjoy everything from their shrimp and berry salad to their creamy and nutty veggie twist fusilli.

Upping El Gouna’s dining scene even more are all these unique eateries offering Greek, Peruvian, Middle Eastern, and Japanese cuisines to the resort town’s diners.

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