The Forgotten Art of Hand-Painted Movie Posters, Arab Edition!

In the early years of cinema history, movie posters were simply used as advertising material at the movie theaters, the same function as the menu at a restaurant; what feast should I enjoy this evening? Some posters, especially the hand-painted movie posters, were a bit dark or scary, others were dazzling with bright colors, some were someway more informative, while others were fully teasing.

Later, movies started to take a big place in our hearts, played a large part of our childhood growing up, and we slowly started to be fascinated by the idea that a hand-painted film-inspired work can be a truly beautiful piece of art. Nowadays movie posters play a huge role in every cinema memorabilia collection, because they’re art, unfortunately, a forgotten one.

Today we’re shedding light on Arabic hand-painted movie posters. We actually came across many from different decades and different genres, design approaches, colors, and styles. Scroll down to check them out!

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