Why The Edward’s Is the Perfect Place for Family Gatherings This Ramadan


Year after year, The Edward’s has proved to be one of the top spots for Ramadan gatherings. This year is no exception. Indeed, The Edward’s has upped their Ramadan game and we’re quite in love.



As a person who’s quite fond of family gatherings and good vibes, The Edward’s and Ramadan have always gone hand-in-hand for me. The coziness of the place makes it perfect for families to gather around one big table and rejoice the coming of the holy month. Everything — from the decorations and the music to the food — will make you experience that authentic Ramadan experience that we’ve all been longing for.



One thing The Edward’s excel at is the art of making their food Instagrammable — something every living millennial knows to be very important when eating.



Unlike other restaurants, The Edward’s didn’t just focus on their iftar and sohour menus, they also focused on bringing a new theme to their venue. This year, they’ve decided to revive the timeless El Leila El Kebira, taking the whole kheima concept to a whole new level with weekly entertainment.



Their open buffet will channel Egyptian, as well as international food. It will also change every day, so expect things like bamya and fatta, alongside dishes like cordon bleu and beef picatta, alongside a range of desserts, from konafa bel manga to cheesecakes. I heavily recommend Mama Foufa’s Fatta and Mix Grill — thank me later. What makes the whole experience better is that all their food is homemade.



Of course, not every family has the time to leave their homes and head to The Edward’s, but worry not, they still have your back. How, you say? Well, they’ll be providing catering service for iftar and sohour, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not made the right amount of molokheya for your 3ezomma.




WE SAID THIS: Thank me later for saving you the time consumed in picking the perfect place for your next gathering.