The Dos and Don’ts; A Guide for New Puppy Owners

By Malak Khaled

Dogs are one of the most beautiful and precious creatures on earth. Most people nowadays own dogs either adopted or bought. Owning a dog is a privilege and joy, but is also a HUGE responsibility. So, if you’re thinking about adding a new puppy as a member of the family, you have to understand that it requires serious commitment as well as you being a responsible owner.

To help you take care of your puppy we spoke with Emma McLean from Hound Charming, who gave us some tips on the environment you should create for the dog as well as the way you should treat and train your dogs

Emma started by saying that “It’s really important not to bring any dog home unless you are fully committed to taking care of it for the rest of its life, or if fostering until it can be found a safe, appropriate FOREVER home.”

Emma also said that it’s essential for puppies to always stay for at least 8 weeks with their mother and their littermates; however, she advises people to adopt from shelters instead, because there are many dogs searching for homes.

According to Emma, here is the list of Dos and Don’ts for every new puppy owners:


  1. If you feel the dog is scared, anxious, or conflicted about anything -even if it’s from you- Distance is the key, he just needs some space. 
  2. Give the dog his freedom to sniff around and get comfortable with the place.
  3. You can use some dog-safe tools like a baby gate to prevent him from escaping his place or environment that you want him to be in
  4. If you have any other animals, supervise all the contacts between them, remove all toys and bowls so they don’t fight, and give them a chance to meet in a safe way from behind barriers before direct contact.
  5. The behaviors you want your dog to do could be taught without subjecting them to fear, pressure, restraints, or confinement or force. If you want your dog to obey your queues, reinforce him with things he likes for desired behavior. 

It is suggested to find a force-free trainer that you’re sure would treat your dog the right way.


  1. There has to be a barrier between your new dog and young children; it’s not safe for them to be in contact even under strict supervision because children could be impulsive which might scare the dog.
  2. A scared dog could easily escape and get lost which is why you shouldn’t let the dog out for a walk until you secure him with a well-fitting harness and a leash.
  3. Don’t have visitors over until your dog gets used to his new home and if visitors are a must, keep him separated from them.
  4. NO Punishments or shouting if the dog has any accidents or doesn’t listen to your queues you. Use patience and use force-free training instead. 
  5. Don’t invade his personal space, let him come to you, avoid petting him out of nowhere, and make him choose when to interact with you.

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