Leaving Your Furbaby in Dubai? Here Are 5 Boarding Spots That Every Pet Parent Will Love

If you have a pet, you never want to leave them, even if for just a few hours. But unfortunately, sometimes you have to, due to work, travel, or sometimes emergency situations. When looking for a place for them, every pet-owner’s worry is how their pet will deal with their ill-presence, and whether the place he’s left at, is at least as safe, comfortable, and fun, as their own home.

So, to help you all with your little, or big, babies, and set you’re mind at ease while you’re away, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best pet boarding spots in Dubai. Scroll down to know more about them.

Doggies Palace

With over 10k followers on Instagram, and numerous positive testimonials of a pet-friendly staff, Doggies Palace Park & Resort offers dog training, day care and boarding, grooming, socialization, in addition to a psychological center and pet taxi.


Fetch Dubai was the first facility in Dubai, and the Middle East, to join the international pet care associations to submit to codes of ethics. They have force free daycare by Petiquette, boarding, grooming, pet training, and use science-based methods to deal with unwanted behavior from the animals.

Romi’s Home Pet Nursery

Located at Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Romi’s Home Pet Nursery is said to be the one and only crate-free doggy kennel in the city, and the only dog facility in the UAE, that offers a full day socialization for your dog with other puppies of similar sizes.

Urban Tails Pet Resort Dubai

From dog suites with plasma TVs, to live webcam access, Urban Tails is the “the only 7 star pet resort in the world”. They offer both daycare and overnight boarding by trained and well-experienced staff.

Bruno’s Play Center

Bruno’s Play Center has one of the largest play-areas for pets in Dubai, stretching over 4,000 square feet, in addition to their cat boarding facility. They also cooperate with experienced veterinarian clinics to handle any medical emergencies that can come up while your pet is on board.

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