The Distinguished Lebanese Nightlife Venue, Skybar, is set to Open in Dubai This Winter!

Via Facebook

With the capacity that holds up to 2500 people, Skybar Beirut is one of the most popular and prominent nightlife venues in Lebanon! All of the party junkies in the region who’ve been to Lebanon have spent some time at Skybar, and now it was just announced that it will open in the Middle East’s hottest destination, Dubai!

In Dubai, the club will be called Sky 2.0 and it will be located in the Dubai Design District this winter! No exact date was announced yet, but the brand is already recruiting its new Dubai-based team. Skybar Beirut first opened in 2003 as one of the regions first outdoor restaurant-club and became the Lebanese capital’s go-to party spot. It moved in 2007 to the rooftop of Beil in 2009 the same year it was ranked among the world’s best bars. The nightspot was forced to close after a fire in 2015, reopening its doors last year.

WE SAID THIS: Skybar hosted a lot of international icons like 50 cent and Snoop Dog, so we can’t wait to see what Sky 2.0 will have to offer!