The Desert Blaze AlUla: A Fiery Endurance Test In The Saudi Desert

On Saturday, August 26, adrenaline junkies and running enthusiasts from around the world will gather in the scorching heat of the Saudi Arabian desert for a truly unique challenge. The Desert Blaze AlUla, the first of its kind, promises to push participants to their limits as they navigate through the ancient oasis city.

The inaugural race is set to feature four different categories: a five-kilometer race, a 10-kilometer race, a half-marathon spanning 21 kilometers, and a grueling full marathon covering an astonishing 42 kilometers. 

Via Alula

What sets this event apart from other races is not only its location but also its timing. The Desert Blaze will take place between 9:55 am and 6 pm, ensuring that participants experience the full force of the desert’s scorching heat. With temperatures soaring well above 40 degrees, this endurance test will truly separate the strong-willed from the faint-hearted. The race Director, Warren van der Merwe shared with us, “the weather will play a role in this type of event as it is not a run event for the average runner. Not everybody is comfortable running in extreme hot conditions so you have to train in such type of weather to feel comfortable when in the race. But this is the uniqueness of the event, it is not a normal run, it is an extreme summer run for those seeking a new challenge!”

The organizers have taken every precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of participants. Medical teams will be stationed at regular intervals along the race route, ready to provide immediate assistance if needed. Hydration stations will also be strategically placed to combat the intense heat and prevent dehydration.

So, on August 26th, as the sun beats down relentlessly on the Saudi Arabian desert, a new chapter in endurance racing will be written. The Desert Blaze will leave its mark on those who dare to participate, forever etching their names into the annals of extreme sports history.

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