The Crew: First Egyptian Docudrama to Tackle the Filmmaking Process


Egyptian Cinema has always been the killer whale when it comes to the film industry in the Arab world. And even though the Golden Era of Egyptian Cinema came to an end as the 60s bid us farewell, our filmmakers stayed on top.

Recently, we seem to be upping our game once again. With noticeable improvement in the overall production process and the waves that film festivals have been making, our people truly deserve a standing ovation. The current talk of the town is proudly the industry’s recent production, The Crew. The docudrama sheds light on the history of Egyptian Cinema to this day. It also tackles all three phases of production and the industry’s most prominent figures talk viewers through it all.

Via Cinema factory

The film features Superstars; Yousra, Mona Zaki, Ahmed Helmi, Sherif Mounir, as well as other film giants such as Sherif Arafa, Medhat El Adl, Wahid Hamed, Tamer Habib, Hadi El Bagoury, Hesham Soliman, and much more. The Crew is directed by Islam Rasmy, also co-written by him and Mohamed Nabil, bringing Ramy Gamal’s idea to life.


After two years of hard work and dedication in the production of this docudrama, that came to an end in 2018, The Crew will proudly be the opening film for the Sharm El Sheikh Film Festival’s fourth edition. The premiere will take place on the 2nd of March, 2019.

With these big names involved, I cannot help but have high expectations for this one. But aside from the impressive production that I’m anticipating, I’m super happt to see such a thing actually come to light. I mean, the entire production process is pretty vague for the audience. Cinema-goers enjoy a couple of hours eating popcorn in front of the silver screen, and if they’re satisfied, or not, credit is mainly given to the cast and the director. Little do they know about the rest of the heroes behind the scenes, known as the crew!

WE SAID THIS: The audience will finally get to know more about art direction, props, costume designing, and more!

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