The Big Switch On: Sharm’s Savoy Group Hosts Its Annual Christmas Lighting Event

Our favorite time of the year is finally here! And what better way to start the festive season than at the Big Switch On 2020 (Christmas light & decorations). The Big Switch On is an annual Christmas lighting event, organized by Savoy Group Sharm El Sheikh. Together with a massive number of attendees and international dancers and local DJs we celebrated the 8th version of the biggest annual event in Sharm El Sheikh.

SOHO Square amazed us with the breathtaking lights, decorations, performances, and the overall splendid vibes; everything was carefully designed and perfectly placed to start the most wonderful time of the year.

Following an exciting countdown, General Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai, pressed the switch button switching thousands of lights on, and turning SOHO into a magical place. The grand dancing fountain danced to the tunes of our favorite Christmas classics, and the crowd was overjoyed, singing and dancing all night long to the music of the local Dj, violinist, Latin singers, and international dance shows.

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