The Arab World’s Most Compelling Rap Battle Communities

Via Al-Fanar Media.

By Mohamed Karrem

Rap nowadays is more than just frank, weird, and random lyrics mixed with bombastic beats. It’s now taking a different direction to deliver complex messages in many ways.

Battling is the new style for most young rappers, and it’s all about raising your status while lowering your opponent’s by using aggression to expose their weaknesses.

Battle rappers are spreading like wildfire all over several YouTube channels in several countries, and much of the Middle East has come under the influence of this flame.

16bars in Arabic

M.E Entertainment is one of the earliest hip-hop channels in the Middle East and has shot a series of videos for battle rappers across the Arab World to express themselves.

It gives them the mic to paint a picture with words full of reality and aggression, and to show off their pride.

Watching 10 Arab countries talk about their hidden communities and bizarre cultures through tough tongues is something that deserves to be watched.

Rap or Die

Egyptian rappers have been battling for more than 10 years in different parts of the country, but recently they’ve been taking it online.

Two opponents are in one place with no music and no beat, just words to rely on to take them out of there alive.

It started with just a few rappers in a room with their friends to go on to become one of the most reputable rap channels on YouTube. It now sets up many huge events that bring some of the Arab World’s biggest rappers.

The Arena ME

When it comes to the Lebanese, they always know how to distinguish their art. They established the Middle East’s first official rap battle league in Beirut.

Showing another side of the pretty city in a sarcastic way is common among the battle rappers here, using free words to spit the truth out in the arena.

The levels of innovation can touch the moon with all the new ideas that flow freely here especially with the complement battles that leave a huge impact on the audience.

WE SAID THIS: If it’s a rough world you gotta have a tough word.