The Aftermath: The Myth of the Soulmate

Soulmate me not


It’s an idea — just an idea, I guess. Well, that’s how it always happens; it starts with this obsessive spot on your mind and it grows every day, spreading a vibrant vibe within your spine taking you to the start of the end of something that will end you both — you and your mind.

Is it that hard to believe in something, anything anymore? Or are we bound by a lost love that was then thought to be a soul mate? Is it a myth or is it too cold outside that our heart went dead cold? I guess we walk the line to find answers, but if none are found, then I guess we find ourselves at the risk of choice — whether to avoid the impossible or hang on to what is attempting our own death.




Do we have control over our minds? Or are we victims of the mind? How does this whole thing work, and why are we so fragile when it comes to love? Questions are there to be answered, and when you find yourself at parting times of the unquestionable, you decline life and stay away, as far as you can bear not to sting in the aftermath of a sold-out, emotionless place that was called love.

In times of complete desperation, you find yourself facing the shamefulness of your entire being, whether as a man of dignity or as a man unworthy. If the mirrors of the walls of our time will keep reflecting that side of you, I will chase them down, breaking each reflector of the goddamn ice-blocks of our crazed selves. A hammer of life, breaking every mirror on the way, a reflection at each time, dying of aggressive beating to ruin the intense malfunction of our existence.




I found myself stuck in time, stuck in a picture that I only painted with colors of sorrow and redemption. That picture was hung on the wall for years now; tearing it up is easy, throwing it out of the window is still easy, but ruining it will ruin me, because all I have now is sorrow and redemption. If I throw it away, will I lose myself or will I find new beginnings?

If beginnings are the start of an end, then I guess we’ve been tricked. We’ve been sold an idea of something called a “soulmate”, someone that will get too close to change you, enter your mind and heart and make part of it as much as you are part of it; but it all goes away in the shutter of an eyelid, when that same person decides to dismiss this part for a change of heart or mind.



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