The Aftermath: When Blood Is Thinner Than Water



I decided to buy the flowers myself, just like Miss Dolloway, walking down a road of resentment from growing up in a family full of ambushed hatred and unnecessary willingness to reach nowhere. I figured that if love holds a family together, then we never knew anything about love – yet.

What family are we talking about in a world that is driven by an admiration of wealth and not love? I stood at the end of the tunnel, looking through the looking glass, watching over the years — the years that passed, the passing ones, and the ones yet to come — and I saw nothing but a screaming child with old scars. Don’t we all live with this? The sorrows of the past and the hurts of the future.




In what way is blood thicker than water, when water is the only answer to life? Despite all the questions, the answers always relied within us. We are what we are, products of pre-existing products that supposed to be beings in the first place. I refuse this, I refuse to be part of a dynamic experiment called man(product)kind, I refuse to exist within a world driven by a deranged atmosphere of collisions and dysfunctional traumas.

QuoteA bloodline can walk you through a lifetime of crazy, a life for a story to tell, one that can last and never fail. Life is too big to fail, anyway; the bigger your life, the bigger the chances are of finding one’s self.

Family gives you a sense of belonging, but what if it’s a belonging to something you never wanted to belong to? Family is a place that is supposed to be home, but what if home is somewhere else?

I think a sense of belonging was never part of my senses; I don’t even think that my generation has a sense of it at all. We are too lost in a crazed world, growing up in a time of hidden openness, of generated information infused in our minds to be who we are for what they want us to be. How can we belong to fakeness, since it was never real? Why should we abide by a pre-planned life that we never chose, anyway?

We grow up with people we never chose to be with, we live through their eyes and not ours, we grow to be what they thought they wanted us to be; but what if we could choose whether to be part of this chain of chains or to be free, free of it all.

Don’t be part of a system; it will fail, it always does. Be you, stand for yourself. Family should be who you choose and if a bloodline keeps your name, then how far can you walk on your bloodline?



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