The 5 People You’ll See At Art Dubai

Art Dubai launched yesterday and with that comes a week of incredible collections, exhibits and people.

As you walk through the galleries, here are the five types of people you’ll see at Art Week in Dubai:



1. The people who suddenly love art



These newbies have probably never heard of Rembrandt, but suddenly jump on the bandwagon to appear sophisticated and artsy. They’ll pull out their thick-rimmed glasses and appear intrigued by pieces they don’t quite understand. These folks roll with the crowd and roll with the punches.



2. The hipsters



They stroll in with their Converse and stare down all the cool kids, judging quietly. They understood art before you understood art, and they will make sure you know that. They’ll casually throw it into conversation alongside their recommendations for a vegan diet.



3. The ones who want to be seen


Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 6.23.25 PM

Here you’ll find the fashionistas and socialites in their high heels and carefully planned, Pinterested outfits. They’re open about the fact that they don’t care for art, they just want to be seen grabbing a glass of vino at LPM and Robertos between exhibits.

They hashtag #ArtDubai so that you know they’re there, mainly because their clients will need proof that they are still happening. With these folks, you’ll hear one consistent phrase, “Where’s the party at?”



4. The 1 in 100 who actually like and appreciate art



These are the collectors, art history majors and art lovers who actually look forward to this time of year. Some even fly in from around the world. They are the minority. We feel for these people.



5. The “I’m just here for the free food”



“I’m just here for the food.”



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