Teen Drama: I want to be famous.


For some reason, we all grow up believing that we will be famous someday.

Whether it is acting, singing or TV presenting, it doesn’t matter; all that we know is that we have to become famous in order to be great. I personally wanted to become a pop star back in the day.

When we see cameras (even if they are security cameras) as kids we wave at them.

We want to appear on TV maybe because we thought it will be fun to get the chance of appearing on TV; or maybe we are obsessed with fame that we see every celebrity getting, thus making them a role model.

But, sooner before later reality comes crashing down and we realize that not all of us are going to be famous. We are not going to be loved by millions of people and have tons of fans.

Fact is, we may just settle for being “another student ““another employer”, in other words another “human being”.

The real question is, who said that being famous is the only thing that proves how great we are? We don’t know but we just assume that. Being a successful person has nothing to do with the concept of fame.

No, you don’t have to appear on T.V to be loved. (I personally have nothing against popular/famous people though)

Well, honestly I believe that no one stands in the way of our happiness other than ourselves because the less we try to fit in that imaginary box society has created, the more we just start to enjoy what we are doing.

But again, I am not asking you to spend your life with a lousy job, socially isolated and lonely claiming that this is how you are standing against societies stigma.

However, I am asking you to enjoy this so-called regular job and regular life.

Find something that you are totally passionate about and learn more about it, don’t settle for being “good” at what you love when you can be “great”. Because at the end of the day, all what counts is how much you have fully lived your life, and how much you have enjoyed every single moment of it.

As cliché as it sounds, it is true; Being happy is a choice that we sometimes fail to take.