Tech in the Time of Corona: How Has Social Distancing Shifted Spotify Streaming Habits?

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has changed everything around us in major ways. People are encouraged to stay inside to avoid the spread of the deadly virus. As people are staying at home in larger numbers, Spotify has witnessed and shared with us some cool insights on how social distancing shifted music streaming habits on their platform!

For example, with fewer people streaming from their cars during their daily commutes and an increase in working from home, more people are streaming across devices like computer desktops, TVs, smart speakers, and gaming consoles. There’s also been an increase in cooking- and housework-themed playlists, showing that people are primarily focusing on family and domestic tasks instead of music intended for get-togethers.

Listeners are in a more “chill” music mood

During this team, it could be noticed that the songs Spotify listeners are adding to their playlists are more “chill”—meaning they’re more acoustic, less danceable, and have lower energy than songs previously added. Plus, the music tends to be more instrumental, featuring instruments rather than vocals. 

Playlist collaboration and social sharing is bringing people together

There is an increase in collaborative playlists during this time frame, allowing people to connect over shared music and have virtual jam sessions together. Moreover, Spotify users are sharing more content on their social networks than usual, so they can let their friends and followers know what they’re up to from afar.

Artists who live stream concerts are seeing a spike in listening

Now that live tours are postponed, many artists are staging virtual concerts online. Afterward, listeners are heading to Spotify to stream the artists giving them a similar bump to the one artists typically see after live concerts.

Playlists are helping people keep fit and healthy

Listeners have been taking time for themselves and making their health and wellness a top priority. When it comes to playlists, users are creating and following more workout playlists than they were a month ago, and streams of running, yoga, nature sounds, and meditation playlists are up.

The songs people sing on balconies inspire streaming

In Italy and Spain, residents have taken to singing songs together from apartment balconies and windows, especially in honor of health care providers and first responders. Two of the songs sung in Italy have soared: streams of “Abbracciame” increased by 820% on March 13, and streams of “Azzurro” soared more than 715% on March 14. In Spain, streams of the ’80s track “Resistiré” (I Will Resist) by Duo Dinamico leaped by more than 435% starting March 15, after videos of the event started circulating on social media.

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