Taking Self-Expression A Step Further: A Series Of Sarrah Abdulrahman’s Looks

Sarrah Abdulrahman, the Egyptian actress is known for something else other than acting. She’s known for her free self-expression with fashion. When it comes to self-expression and making a statement, she’s been doing it through her fashion choices. Often, her looks on red carpets have a back story. If it’s not a red carpet appearance, she takes it to Instagram to talk about her fashion choices and send a message.

If there’s something we can learn from Sarrah, it’s to really incorporate a part of your identity into your clothes. And we’re going to show you how she’s been doing it.


Sarrah wore that red dress at Gouna Film Festival this year, giving off Cat Woman/Betty Boop vibes. That dress is made by Darjee Studio, which is a local custom design brand that Sarrah has advocated before on many occasions.

Self-Expression At Its Finest

Making that dress took collaborating with Rebel Cairo, which designs custom-made illustrations for making personal statements. The illustration made by Rebel Cairo was then transformed into a dress designed and executed by Darjee Studio. Sarrah posted an Instagram picture of her dress and wrote about her new journey in forming a better relationship with herself.

A Morning Wedding Saved

Another Instagram post was dedicated to Darjee Studio for saving her a day before she had to attend a wedding ceremony. That dress was designed and made in 8 hours. That look is all about supporting that local brand.

An Experiment

She doesn’t stop playing with new fashion pieces, just for the hell of it. Looking like a bohemian princess in orange, long hair extensions, and a smokey eye, she posted this picture with the caption, “Experimenting.”

A Beach Dress On A Red Carpet

Another appearance dedicated to Rebel Cairo was made, but this time for The Furnace premiere. Sarrah’s style is not bounded by social limitations, and she wears Rebel Cairo’s beach set on the red carpet. We don’t need more inspiration for free self-expression.

Thrift clothes on the red carpet

She makes a fashion statement to support wearing thrifted clothes. In the caption of her Instagram post, she explains that she bought that dress from “Wekalet El Balah.” Which is a place in Cairo that sells thrifted clothes. She bought it for 370 Egyptian pounds. Wearing that dress and what she wrote on that post is just to advocate being eco-friendly, not being a consumer. In addition to buying thrifted clothes, she gives away her clothes to be reused!

Recycled plastic turns into fashion

Worrying if people would even get the message, she went ahead and went green anyway. Sarrah wears a top made from recycled plastic. It was made by a plastic recycling company. When she approached them, they didn’t hesitate to start working on it, and with the help of the Egyptian fashion designer Esmeralda Radwan, that ecological top was made.

فى دعوة لأزياء "صديقة للبيئة".. سارة عبد الرحمن ترتدى ملابس مستعملة على  الريد كاربت - اليوم السابع
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