Switzerland Is Fining Kids for Refusing to Shake Their Teachers’ Hands



Unwilling to touch the opposite sex, two Muslim Syrian pupils in a Swiss school were told that they MUST shake the hands of their female teachers after they said touching females was against their beliefs.

However, authorities in Switzerland have reversed the school’s decision, saying that religious belief are not an excuse for refusing to shake a teacher’s hand. Not only that, they insisted that the pupils’ parents must pay a fine of $5,000 and respect the laws of integration of the country they are living in.

To avoid permitting general discrimination against female teachers, the school, with all goodwill, allowed the two Syrian brothers, 14 and 15, an exemption from having to shake their teachers’ hands. The boys argued that Islam does not allow physical contact with the opposite sex, with the exception of first-degree family members.

The school’s decision generated an outcry across Switzerland, where it is a tradition to shake their teachers’ hands as a sign of respect. This is another incident of collision between simple, everyday gestures and outrageous Middle Eastern values, which have always been wrongfully glued to Islam.

“Asfa mesh basalem 3ala wlad!” is a phrase deprived of sanity that we hear all the time. Imagine the same case in Switzerland, but this time, boys are involved! If we cannot handle “asfa mesh basalem 3ala wlad”, how do we expect the Swiss to handle “asef mesh basalem 3ala banat!”