Sunny Christmas: Egypt’s Breathtaking Tourism Campaign For Winter 2022

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities kicks off its new tourism campaign titled “Sunny Christmas” in Egypt. The new campaign coincides with the country’s current efforts to establish itself as a tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. With target tourists from the United Kingdom, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, France, Russia and the United States, Sunny Christmas is encouraging travelers from all over the world to come to visit Egypt.

The campaign’s launch corresponds with Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations in Western countries, according to Amr El-Kady, President of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board. He went on to say that the campaign intends to promote domestic tourism and encourage Egyptians to spend their vacations, New Year’s Eve and Christmas in Egyptian tourist spots. This is in light of the importance of domestic tourism, which we frequently overlook despite the fact that Egypt has stunning sights and tourist attractions that amaze visitors from the rest of the world.

Therefore, this campaign will emphasize the use of a short film and visual content, as well as highlighting the archaeological and environmental perks of Egyptian touristic attractions. This includes warm weather, antique treasures and a wide range of visitor activities.

Also, the usage of social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube) will play a significant role in promoting this effort and encouraging tourists and Egyptians to rediscover Egypt’s breathtaking destinations that rejuvenate the soul and heal the mind.

Suzan Mostafa, the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority’s Director-General of planning and follow-up and head of foreign campaigns, stressed the massive efforts and power of social media these days, claiming:

The ministry’s marketing approach includes employing photographs, videos, and written content to promote tourism on social media, and the ministry’s social media profiles are enticing people to visit Egypt.

Suzan Mostafa via Arab News
via: Travelstart
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