Stylar: An Egyptian Entrepreneur Is Building a Shazam-Like App but for Fashion!

Via The National

You know how much Shazam helped us recognize super cool songs and build our ultimate playlists; by instantly recognizing the songs it detects? An Egyptian entrepreneur is building an app that is supposed to do just that, but with fashion! Instead of creating the ultimate playlist, fashion addicts will easily build their dream closet!

The Egyptian-Canadian, Ahmed Moussa, is a former executive at the Dubai telecommunication company DU. He is the Mastermind and Chief Technical Officer behind Stylar App, the Shazam of fashion! Stylar has the ability to parse images and match the color, taste, and features of an outfit spotted on a celebrity within a few seconds.

Via Startup MGZN

Currently, Stylar’s team has ten full-time employees who are based in the UAE, Poland, and Singapore, with the company itself based in Dubai. The Egyptian entrepreneur graduated with a master’s degree in management analytics for AI in 2015 and has a passion for computer vision and image analysis using the technology.

“We curate some images to have some sort of catalog for looks in general, but the typical users case is that you already have an image and that you want to buy this kind of look or outfit, and you just don’t know where to buy it from, or you want to buy it at your price range. We will identify the item, we will recommend similar items, then you can filter by price range, retailer, and designer. And then you can get a similar item that you liked, that is similar to the one in the look,” Said Moussa.

The app tracks around 35 retailers and is expected to go up to 100 by the end of the year!

WE SAID THIS: Imagine how much easier life will be for fashion enthusiasts when this app reaches its full potential! 

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