Here’s How We’re Showing Yousra Some Love on Her Birthday!

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Born, Civene Nessim, Egypt’s all-time favorite Superstar Yousra celebrates her 67th birthday today. And of course, because no one could disagree on how much we, as Egyptians, adore the graceful actress. Yousra has never failed to entertain us, nor put a smile on our faces. To pay her back, what would be better than acknowledging her great achievements as a way of wishing her a happy birthday?

Yousra’s films and series have been around for decades, and mentioning every single iconic role of hers will do her no justice. I mean, they’re endless! So, instead, I’ve compiled to you a list of reasons why we will never stop loving the legend!

She was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador


Back in early 2016, Yousra was appointed as a UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador for the Middle East and North Africa. Her contribution was to serve the UN’s goal to end the AIDS epidemic worldwide by 2030.

Her roles with Adel Imam

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Both are simply Egyptian cinema legends and one cannot deny that their iconic roles involve them co-starring with each other. They’ve been a power duo for years, having worked together on films like Geziret El Shaytan, Karakon Fel Sharea’, El Erhab Wel Kabab, Teyour El Zalam, E’maret Yacoubian, and many more.

That scene!

Speaking of Teyour El Zalam, one cannot simply get over this scene. That’s like a national punch-line we all know by heart and never get sick of. It works wonders on us every single time.

She can pull off any character

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Yousra can make you laugh your head off, stun you with her lady boss persona, or feel empathy for her character. She’s a true definition of an actress with a myriad of different roles under her hat.

Those horror films though!

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With movies like El Taa’wiza and El Ens Wel Gen, I don’t know if you were able to sleep at night, but I know I couldn’t. And that bloody scene in the shower, oh lord, this haunted me during my entire childhood! But still, Yousra was up for the spooky challenges more than anyone.

She is always ahead at the Ramadan TV series marathon

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Ramadan is not Ramadan without Yousra. She’s always there, every single year, with a hit series to offer us. Ayna Qalby, Malak Rohy, Lekaa’ A’al Hawa, you name it! Yousra’s been acing her game on our TV screens especially during the early 2000s.

She always knew how to spread the love

Don’t you dare lie and tell me this wasn’t your childhood jam! All 90s kids memorized every single lyric, in all three languages!


More than a decade later, the superstar maintained her ability to love and spread the love around as she sang “Talat Daqat” along with Abu for the Gouna Film Festival’s first edition in 2017.

WE SAID THIS: The entire Scoop Empire team is wishing you a very happy birthday!

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