Struggling With Indigestion? Here’s How to End it Now

Acidity is a rather common disorder, but it can get very serious and when it does, usual acidity treatment does not work and medication on a regular basis must not be resorted to. In some very severe cases, surgery may be the last option.

This is why, when dealing with acidity, one should take it seriously and seek acidity treatment that is effective and helpful. Mostly diet and lifestyle changes are adequate to see substantial improvement in the condition of a person.

Commonly experienced symptoms of acidity include sore throat, burning in the chest or angina, belching, nausea, and a bitter taste in the mouth. In case a person experiences severe symptoms they can book an appointment at Batra Hospital to get proper consultation.  

The following quick and easy tips can be useful to see improvements in the condition of patients suffering from acidity. 

Say no to alcohol

Alcohol has severe repercussions on those with gastric problems, acidity included. Alcohol relaxes muscles across the body, including those of the digestive tract. This means the muscle of the stomach that regulates the entry of food from the esophagus to the stomach, called the lower esophageal Sphincter also relaxes. The Lower Esophageal Sphincter, when weakened, this then becomes the reason for a person to have serious acidity problems. Alcohol is also very acidic and dehydrating, causing the acid reflux to worsen. Hence, alcohol must be avoided by those with an Acidity problem.

No citrus drinks

Lemon, grapefruit, and other strong citrus drinks are not recommended for those with acidity since they are acidic in nature which causes the reflux to cause more problems.

No aerated beverages

Aerated beverages contain soda, which is responsible for messing up the pH balance of a person. This can be a serious issue for those with an acidity problem since they experience an excessive buildup of acid in the stomach. Due to this reason, they should be avoided by those with acidity and reflux issues. Soda and fizzy drinks aid the acid from the stomach entering into the esophagus, which may increase the symptoms of acidity.

Stay away from caffeine

Caffeine has an effect on the body as it causes the acid reflux to aggravate. Caffeine can be the trigger to acid reflux for many people, and since it is present in small quantities in a lot of foods and drinks, it is easier to miss them. One might think they are completely off caffeine but they may be feeding on small quantities of the chemical which may be triggering the acidity problem. The only solution to this is an organic and home-cooked diet, of which one is certain that it is free of chemicals such as caffeine. It is also a good idea to read labels of the over-the-counter eatables and drinks that they snack on.

Stay hydrated with water

An easy trick to countering acidity is staying well hydrated and drinking a lot of water. This helps in flushing out the stomach and keeping the acid produced in the stomach from entering the esophagus. A common reason people experience acidity is also being on an empty stomach for a long time, which can lead to overproduction or accumulation of acid in the stomach, and then tries to escape as the lower esophageal sphincter allows it. Coconut water is also very beneficial in this condition since it has a cooling nature and works well to calm acidity. One should avoid being on an empty stomach if they often experience symptoms of acid reflux.

Ban dairy from the diet

Dairy is mostly very rich in fat, which is why milk, especially full cream milk should be avoided. This also applies to fried foods and those with high-fat content for the same reason. Making the switch from milk and dairy products to the alternatives is an option that will allow one to try different flavors and avoid the food that can cause problems. One can try tofu, bean curd, soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, and several other interesting drinks at this time. Smoothies are also good for use in this condition since they are made with curd or yogurt, and often have dairy substitutes which are also beneficial. Smoothies are also rich in fiber which can help absorb a lot of acid from the stomach.

One should understand that curd and yogurt are healthy to consume during this condition since the presence of lactobacilli bacteria changes the chemical nature of the dairy in these, making them quite effective in dealing with acidity.

WE SAID THIS: Healthy habits such as avoiding smoking, avoiding very hot drinks, and eating foods that have a cooling effect can be useful.