Staying Active During Lockdown: 6 Activities You Can Bring to Your Living Room

Lockdown is taking its toll on all of us but there are plenty of options to keep yourself motivated. You can do so much in your home with the right equipment, or even with no equipment at all. If you want to stay active and keep moving during lockdown, try these activities that you can bring to your living room.


If you are missing your golfing game during lockdown, no need to fret. You may want to set up a golf course around the house with equipment you already have in your home. This makes for a great activity for the whole family. If putting a scrunched up paper ball isn’t doing the trick, or you play professionally, you can practice your swing with a golf simulator. This imitates the real thing, making you feel like you are right back on that golf course.


There has never been a better time to start practicing yoga than during lockdown. Not only does yoga improve flexibility and strengthen the core, but yoga is also great for mental health and relaxation. Yoga is a reflective practice and one that can help you feel more at ease in everyday life and more in tune with your body. Lockdown is a difficult time for us all, both mentally and physically, and yoga allows us to zone out of these bad thoughts and get back to what really matters. All you need is a yoga mat, which can be bought for a couple of dollars. This will make it more comfortable to do yoga in your living room, but it isn’t mandatory. Find free classes on YouTube or choose an online class with a yoga teacher near you.


If you want to get fit and miss the freedom of running, you may want to invest in a home treadmill. Whilst in some countries, daily exercise is permitted, you may not want to head out due to risk or to protect a vulnerable family member. If you were training for a marathon, this is a great way to keep your stamina up and remain active until lockdown is over and you can get back to running outside. 


Whether you are a bodybuilder or just getting into fitness, having some weights in your living room can help you get fit whilst watching your favorite TV programs. You can find cheap affordable dumbbells, kettlebells, and home-weight kits no matter your strength and preference. Choosing to do weights in your home can bring back your daily routine and help you keep your muscles trained during lockdown. If you need some weight home workout inspiration, check out these 10 dumbbell exercises.


If you are missing cycling during lockdown, bring it to your living room with an indoor cycling machine. No matter your budget and space, there is an indoor cycling machine to suit your needs. If sitting on the couch is getting too much to bear, having a cycling machine in the living room can keep the whole household active. You can even exercise whilst watching a movie or spending time with your family, meaning you won’t even notice yourself burning all those extra calories.

Home Workout Routines

If you cannot afford an exercise machine or don’t have a lot of room, you can still choose to do exercise from the comfort of your living room. Push the furniture back, make some space and follow the latest lockdown home workout routines, which require nothing but household items.

Whether you choose to work on your golfing game, invest in some home gym equipment or practice some mindful yoga, these activities can help you bring fitness to your living room.

WE SAID THIS: The only way we’ll all make it through this is by taking care of ourselves, both mentally and physically.