Sphinx Airport Releases Flight Lists Just in Time for Egypt’s Midterm Holidays

Via Skytrax

C-Town is the Capital of one of the biggest and most critical countries in the region. Egyptian and foreigners alike travel in and out of Egypt from Cairo International Airport in Heliopolis. But imagine how life would have been easier if we’re not all compiled in one place! You don’t have to imagine, because it’s actually happening!

We’ve been hearing in the past couple of years about the new airport that will revolutionize traveling in Egypt; Sphinx International Airport. The airport is situated in the city of Sheikh Zayed, literally on the other side of the town! Egypt Air released the first ever official ad of their flights from the brand new airport!

How exciting is that? Now, not only that people have another option, generating less traffic for the Cairo International Airport, but also residents of the west side of Cairo won’t have to travel all the way to the east side for their flight. The airport looks fresh, neat, and it seems that it will be of very high standards.

WE SAID THIS: We can’t wait for our first adventure from Sphinx International Airport!