Spark of Fury: Lebanese Government Resigns in Wake of Beirut Explosion

Via DW

It was just announced that Lebanon’s government stepped down less than a week after the massive Beirut explosion that killed over 160 people, injured hundreds, left thousands without homes, and sparked days of violent protests.

Three cabinet ministers had already quit, along with seven members of parliament, before the speech of the Prime Minister. However, Prime Minister Hassan Diab addressed the nation, announcing his resignation and that of his government.

Via New York Post

Prior to the explosion, Lebanon was already suffering through its worst economic crisis in decades, in addition to the rising numbers of coronavirus cases. Moreover, the deadly explosion was linked to a long-neglected stash of potentially explosive chemicals!

Now a new challenge awaits the population of Lebanon, which is to find a new Prime Minister, the third in less than a year, who’ll be able to figure out solutions and a proper way out of this series of crises!

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