The Sole of It All


So you’ve been running for quite some time now and loving it. Have you had a shoe change yet? Here’s how to pick your next shoe based on your running pattern and sole wear.

Turn your shoe upside down and look at the treads in the sole to notice the wear. If you find creases or breaks at the midsole, your shoe needs immediate replacement. If one shoe is more worn than the other, you might have one leg longer than the other.

Take a closer look at you shoe soles. If you find even wear across the treads, you’re good with the kind of shoes you already have, they just need replacement.


If you have wear at the heel rather than the forefoot, you’re an over strider, pushing your feet too much in front of you when running. Not to worry, you just need a pair of running shoes with extra cushioning, or wear an insole cushioning pad to protect your feet from chronic irritation and plantar fasciitis, with long-term pain at the heel.

Place your old shoes side by side on a flat surface. If they lean inwards, this means you are an overpronator. You might have flat feet or a low arch, so you need extra arch support in your next shoe or the stability kind to protect your feet from chronic injuries.

If they lean outwards, or you notice wear at the outer edges, this means you’re a supinator, meaning you don’t roll your ankle and legs inwards enough. You might have a high arched foot and be more prone to stress fractures. Look for extra cushioning in the sole of your next shoe to avoid such injuries. And avoid the stability shoes – they would make things worse for you.

If you’re developing foot pains or shin splints, this means your shoes are not giving you proper mobility. In your next shoe, look for extra cushioning and a flexibility type.

If you ever experience recurring pains or troubles while running, consult a specialist and don’t forget to bring your running shoes with you. They reveal more than just a fashion statement.

Stay safe everybody!


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