Smoke Free Teen


You are a teenage smoker and you need a quit plan. You tried everything and you just couldn’t quit. Congratulations you made the 1st step in quitting by reading this. Let’s be real, quitting sucks. However, it works best when you’re prepared. How about having a coach on the sidelines who really knows what it takes.

SfT (Smoke Free Teens) is a new campaign taking the internet by storm. It has a website which is designed and run by people at the National Cancer Institute. SfT helps teens quit smoking & take control of their health. It is such a breathtaking website with interactive photos presenting the information in an attractive, interesting way like quizzes, games, motivational messages, quit plans and a hotline.

Quitting smoking can have huge benefits for your health. Not only will your internal organs be much healthier, but your teeth will also become less stained and yellow. Have your teeth been discolored by smoking? If so, you might want to consider treating yourself to a whitening treatment with a Dentist in McAllen or at a dental practice closer to home.

Moreover, SfT is connected to social networks like Facebook and Twitter to reach its main target: teens (Follows are not endorsements). Not only this, but it provides smoker tips via free text messages, sketching the triggers in funny yet educating manner and 24/7 tips to help teens quit for good. What is more interesting is that it has an answer for every question one would ask in deciding to take this step like what to do to avoid gaining weight during the process, how Im going to control my cravings. Vaping can be a solution, minimising your nicotine intake by using oils such as co2 oil, instead of going cold turkey. If you are going to go down the route of using a vape, then you want to make sure you have the best vape pen. You can have a look at some vape pen reviews over at Vapor Blog. Either way, you will be able to quit.

What is really mind blowing it’s interactive totally free Smartphone apps like QuitStart app it is used to help track the cravings and moods, monitor progress toward achieving smoke free milestones, identify smoking triggers, and upload personalized “pick me ups” and reminders to help stay smoke free.

Another one is the NCI QuitPal which is a free Smartphone app to support smokers of all ages working to become smoke-free. Its like having a quit pal who is available 24/7 to keeping the motivation, helps fighting your own cravings and track the daily smoking. This interactive app is developed using proven quit strategies and tools to help change behavior and assist with giving up smoking.

NCI QuitPals features:

– Set a quit date, financial goals, and reminders

– Track daily smoking habits with an easy-to-use calendar

– See graphs tracking money saved and number of packs not smoked

– Receive health milestones and craving tips to stay motivated

– Connect with social networks to give milestone updates

– Create a video diary, and watch personalized video messages from loved ones

– Access NCIs Cancer Information Service by toll-free phone line or live chat

QuitPal was developed by the National Cancer Institute using the latest smoking cessation evidence and behavior change theory.

This campaign is priceless and in my opinion it’s really effective. It helps teens quit smoking using one of todays teen’s most constant companions the mobile phone. The first thing I saw on the website was:

Were NOT going to tell you what to do.

Your Life. Your Health. Your Call.

This word gives me the feeling of I’m old enough to control my own life to make my own decisions. It’s me and only me. Im a teenager and I approve this message.