Six Windows in the Desert: The Saudi Short Movie Series You Need to Watch

Via Al Bilad English Daily

Netflix acquired the rights to stream one of the most promising projects in Saudi, Six Windows in the Desert, and it’s been on the platform since the 27th of February. The project consists of six short movies collected in a series, and it was shot over the past five years in different cities in the Kingdom by “Telfaz11”, who arguably creates some of the best Saudi content on YouTube.

Each window showcases an interesting story with a different topic, including nature, social taboos, extremism, and the human psyche. The short movies average between 20 to 30 minutes, which makes it very digestible content that you can binge-watch anytime without the need for commitment. On top of that, the content itself is well written and made.

The movies have different directors and filmmakers, so you feel that you’re watching something completely different with each window, but with consistency in the quality of the content.

WE SAID THIS: Check the series out and let us know your feedback!