Must Watch: Egyptian Ministry Launches a Creatively Relatable Campaign Aiming to Improve the Health of the Nation

Under the slogan, “Take your decision with no excuses”, Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population (MOHAP), launched a campaign through a series of short videos aiming to combat phenomena and habits that lead to living unhealthy lives.

The videos were posted on the ‘100 Million Seha’ Official Facebook page with aims to improve the health of the people in Egypt.

The first video targeted newly married couples, and how the first few months of any marriage in Egypt are considered an excuse to eat several heavy meals every day and keep no count of what or when you eat.

Our favorite video so far is the one with the elderly couple! The video basically targets the common reality that when Egyptians reach their golden age, they decide to stay at home because of their age, unlike in other countries where elderly people go for walks and exercise regularly to stay fit, despite their age.

The last one posted till now is about pregnancy. If you’ve experienced pregnancy, or know someone who has, you’ve probably seen situations that are very similar to the ones in the last video that addresses the insatiable hunger and unexcused laziness that accompanies pregnancy.

It’s quite refreshing to see awareness campaigns portrayed in such a funny, creative, and most importantly, relatable manner!

WE SAID THIS: What did you think of the videos?

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