Six Benefits for Installing a Security System in Your House

According to statistics, a burglary happens every 23 seconds in the United States. It means, we can expect 1,371,305 homes each year to get broken into. These are shocking truths about what happens on a frequent basis. How do you prevent this from happening to you? Install a security system in your home. If you thought you had a good chance of being injured on the job, you’d wear safety clothes, i.e. hard hat, bullet proof vest, etc. to make sure you don’t get injured just in case, right? It’s the same concept when you arm your house with a security system. You are suiting up your home to prevent any possible burglaries. If unsure which system works best for your home, you check the top security system reviews on Keep reading below for six benefits for installing a security system in your house.

Prevents crime

The number one and most obvious benefit to purchasing a home security system is to prevent crime. We know how often burglaries take place and you probably know someone who has experienced this. They have valuables stolen from them and feel that their privacy and security has been violated. Often, valuables stolen are priceless items to the victims. No amount of retribution could ever take the place of said item and can leave the victims devastated. Then comes the constant fear that it will happen again. A security system helps to prevent potential break-ins and losses by sounding an alarm and contacting the police if a break-in occurs.

Gives remote access

Just because you are away from your home doesn’t mean you can’t protect it. Most security systems allow you to look in on your home from your mobile device. Using the cameras installed in your home, you’ll be able to make sure everything is as you left it. Some security systems even allow you to lock doors while you’re away, all done remotely. You can also control your electricity with your security system. Thermostats and lights are two culprits to high electric bills. With a security system, you can shrink your carbon footprint. You can control your electricity just by simply accessing your security system virtually from anywhere.

Lowers home insurance

When you decide to install a security system, you not only add an extra layer of security to your home, but you also lower your home insurance. Yes, a monthly fee is incurred for keeping your security system up and running but having a system can lower your home insurance up to 20%. This happens because insurance companies are aware that security systems decrease crime. If burglaries don’t happen then insurance claims don’t happen. In an effort to recognize this, insurance companies give a discount to consumers who invest in this safety precaution.

Helps track household

A security system can give you the peace of mind when it comes to knowing where your kids are. As we know from above, security cameras can be used remotely. You can use this great feature to check on your kids, pets, house guests, etc. This way, you’ll know who is coming in and going out of your house. Depending on your system, you’ll also be able to unlock the door remotely, which is a great benefit when your kids get off the bus from school while you’re still at the office. Knowing they made it inside the house and are protected in a safe home allows you to feel more relaxed and secure.

Protects from unexpected incidents

Besides burglaries, security systems can protect you and your family from home fires and gas leaks. According to the NFPA, United States’ fire departments respond to house fires every 86 seconds. These fires cause injury, death, structural damage, and cost a great deal of money to resolve. A security system warns of smoke and heat in your home, saving you, your family and your home from a potential disaster. Gas leaks can be easy to determine when you can smell them, but what happens when you can’t? Security systems also alert of gas in the air, specifically odorless gas. An example of odorless gas is carbon monoxide. Security systems with this function can alert homeowners when it detects large amounts of gas in your home, allowing everyone in the house to get out immediately.

Increases home value

Installing a security system is a great way to boost the value of your home. This allows the potential buyers to feel that your home is safe, and possibly safer than all the other homes they’ve looked at. This gives you an edge in a buyers’ market. Not only will this increase your home value directly, it will also boost the overall value of your neighborhood. Your security system doesn’t just protect your home, it also protects the neighborhood. Burglars will be hesitant to break into any home they think may have a security system. Even if neighbors don’t have a system but you do, and they know it, they won’t be interested in potentially getting caught and arrested. Crime then decreases, increasing safety rankings for your area and people want to own homes in safe areas, giving them peace of mind.

The takeaway

Owning a security system has many benefits, as we just discussed. Although preventing home burglaries is usually the motivating reason to install a system, it is not the only beneficial feature to invest in a security system. Overall, it gives homeowners peace of mind knowing their home has an extra layer of protection. This is important for homeowners because crime occurs quite often, and if they can be prevented, the homeowners and their families can feel secure and in-charge.

WE SAID THIS: Security systems increase home values and keep an eye on your family and protect from unseen situations.

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